Hi, My name is Dewayne Kirkman.  I am the owner & manager of the Lazy Acorn Rentals!  I have been renting out homes in Cadillac since 2008.  About a year after I purchased the "Lazy Acorn Cabin", a friend of mine said you should rent this place out when you are not using it.  He said, "The location on the snowmobile trail & the privacy of the woods is somewhere I bet people will pay to enjoy."  So, a few weeks later I started investigating the opportunity and figured why not help pay the taxes.  Since then, I purchased the two waterfronts on Lake Mitchell (The Blue Gill & The Yellow Perch) with the thought that I could make a business out of this!  Now the 3 properties are rented out to over 125 different families every year with many being return guests who come back again & again.

I live in Traverse City with my wife Bethany and kids (Connor & Chloe).  They are the models on the home page of the website.  (Also pictured below).  Either my wife or I travel to the properties between each renter and restock/clean.  I handle most of the repairs and improvements.  Every year we do something major to a property as funds allow us.  In my spare time I am a Realtor & a Developer.  I complete between 30- 60 transactions a year helping people find their new home, sell their old one, or getting a permanent vacation location for them.   I also am in the process of heading up the building of homes in Western Meadows a subdivision in Rapid City, MI near Torch Lake.

Any extra spare time after that is spent doing things with my kids whether it be soccer, gymnastics, school band, or just taking them to the beach.  We do park a pontoon (not for rent) at the Yellow Perch that we personally use between renters and after cleaning is complete.  They really enjoy tubing & swimming at the sandbar.

Hopefully we can talk or meet sometime!   Dewayne