7 Reasons Why You Should Book Direct on www.LazyAcorn.com?

So, I know you may be asking why would I book directly from www.LazyAcorn.com instead of just booking the same place on Airbnb or VRBO?  And here are the reasons why!

  1. NO BOOKING FEES - Did you know that Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway and Trip Advisor add hundreds of dollars to your booking total with booking fees? When you book directly from www.LazyAcorn.com you get to save money!
  2. NO CLEANING FEES - When you book on outside websites you are required to pay the $100 Cleaning Fee!  Only repeat customers who book directly on www.LazyAcorn.com get the option to waive the cleaning fee promising to complete the cleaning process themselves.  This saves you $100!  When you book direct from www.LazyAcorn.com you get to save money!
  3. NO RESTRICTIVE REGULATIONS - When you book on outside websites, I am required to honor their rules and regulations.  You may think their rules and regulations are there to safeguard you but trust me their rules and regulations are only in place to protect their wallets!  I have dealt with them for over a decade and seldom find anything but trouble dealing with them.  I have much more flexibility as the owner to work with you a repeat customer & allow you to change schedules, dates, etc.  To provide a credit towards future stays or discount costs for long term stays.  I can make the changes for you with a phone call or text, but when bookings from outside website you have to figure out how to maneuver their website without breaking their rules and getting charged extra. Not to mention, have you ever tried to get someone on the phone with one of those companies?  When an outside website is involved, they charge both you & me fees limiting my ability to provide you more!
  4. DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE OWNER - When booking a vacation rental, peace of mind is important. Want to know if there is a grill, a kayak, the boat launch location, or a grocery store close by? When you book direct, you can get answers to important questions before you commit to booking!
  5. HELP WITH SPECIAL NEEDS - If you have special needs, as the owner I can help. I can work with you directly to help with any of your individual needs before you commit to booking.
  6. INTIMATE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOUR DESTINATION - I can direct you to the best rental for your needs and recommend activities, restaurants, and entertainment for a memorable vacation.
  7. DISCOUNT PROMOTIONS - I will provide discount promotions on occasion to those who are repeat customers & book directly from www.LazyAcorn.com. These will be emailed to only you a repeat customer for you to take advantage. Another opportunity to save more money!