What are the Cleaning Duties & Do I want to Pay a Cleaning Fee?

We try to appeal to everyone!  Some people are very budget conscious and want to save on their trip however possible.  Others just want to relax while they are on their trip.  We have an option for each no matter which category you fall into!

You get to pick to pay the cleaning fee of $100 or not.  Below is an example of what the checkout/cleanup process.  Hopefully this will help you understand what to expect and how to choose whether or not to pay a cleaning fee.

By the way, if you change your mind and want to have cleaning done at the end of your stay, just let us know before you leave.  We will arrange payment and make the proper arrangements to handle it for you.

Instructions to Close Yellow Perch when Leaving. If you to Pay the Cleaning Fee, you need to Complete Items Highlighted in Bold. If you do not to Pay Cleaning Fee, Complete ALL ITEMS BELOW.  If you don't pay the cleaning fee in advance, and don't complete the cleaning list you will be charged $150 after your stay.

  • Put all the furniture back where it was when you arrived.
  • Fold up blankets and put on bed. If something spilled on a blanket or it got really dirty for some reason place in “Dirty Laundry Bin” in Master Bedroom closet.
  • Strip beds of used linens & pillowcases, and place in “Dirty Laundry Bin”. (Please DO NOT take Mattress pads off of beds.) (Please DO NOT remove zipped pillow cover) Place pillows back on beds.
  • Clean out refrigerator taking away all food. Gently wipe inside with disinfecting wipes. Do the same to the Freezer. Refill any ice cube trays that need it.
  • Wash all dishes and put back where they belong in cabinets and drawers.
  • Clean kitchen sink on both sides.
  • Clean countertops, stove top, and inside of microwave with disinfecting wipes.
  • Take all towels from bathroom & kitchen put in “Dirty Laundry Bin”. Hang shower mat on side of bathtub. Spray shower daily cleaner in shower/bathtub.
  • Clean bathroom sink and toilet. Cleaning supplies found under bathroom sink.
  • Wipe down kitchen table & coffee tables with disinfecting wipes.
  • Vacuum in every room even under kitchen table.
  • Vacuum carpets/rugs in garage/entry area.
  • Use Swiffer mop in Kitchen & Bathroom Area Floors
  • Remove all trash in kitchen, bedrooms, & bathroom. Place in Garbage Dumpster in front of garage.
  • Place new trash liner in Kitchen, Bedroom, & Bathroom trash cans. Kitchen trash bags can be found under kitchen sink. Bathroom & Bedroom liners please use plastic bags found in dispenser above trash can in Bathroom.
  • (October to April) Go to Thermostat next to Furnace and turn down to 55 degrees.
  • (In Summer) Turn off AC at thermostat in Living Room.
  • Go to the laundry room to turn OFF switches for Well as marked.
  • Double check you have not left anything.
  • Close all blinds and window curtains/shades. Make sure all windows are locked.
  • Lock Deck Slider Door replacing board back in place.
  • Turn off all lights & fans at “Yellow Perch” inside and out.
  • Put key back on Kitchen table and lock ALL “Yellow Perch” doors including Shed. You will have to use key from Lockbox to lock the deadbolt on Garage Door.